Tuesday, July 23, 2013

RIP T-Model Ford

For thirty years, Bluesman T-Model Ford rocked the blues world from his home in Greenville, Mississippi. A short career for someone who died last week in his 90s, but he didn't pick up a guitar until he was nearly 60 years old. The New York Times has the full story: T-Model Ford, Late-Blooming Bluesman, Is Dead and notes:
“One night, I was playin’ the blues in Mississippi, singin’, ‘How many more years, baby, you gonna dog me around,’ ” he said in the Bergen Record interview. “This fella comes up to me; he thought I was after his wife. He put a .45 up to my nose and he said, ‘If you play that again, I’ll blow your brains out.’ “So it’s a good thing I didn’t start to playin’ the blues when I was younger. If I did, I might not be around today.”