Friday, November 16, 2007

BB King

The Press & Sun-Bulletin of Binghamton, NY reports on a recent BB King show:

"I've been around a long time. I'm a blues man, but I'm a good man, understand," B.B. King sang to about 1,000 people who attended his concert Thursday night at Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton [NY]...."Let me apologize again about laughing. Blues music's not supposed to do that," he said. At 82, King's show is as much about his jokes and storytelling as it is about classic songs such as "The Thrill is Gone," which closed out the 90-minute regular set.

King sat in a chair for the entire show, weaving stories and songs as if he was talking to his grandkids. And he makes you feel as if you are one of his grandkids. His infectious smile looms into the crowd as he comments, "It's been said people from Mississippi talk too much. I'm from Mississippi."

Then before launching into a story he settles the music lovers by telling them, "I'm gonna work ... trust me."
(Read the full story here.)

Also, this news: the BB King Museume to Expand


Anonymous said...

The Binghamton newspaper says:"less than half full". and the 'Arena' is a Seven thousand seat venue. A comment posted by a reader says : "What our group couldn't comprehend was why so many people were talking about the local media failing to properly promote such an exquisite group of blues' performers . (All amazed that the arena was not filled with more audience ). "

Anonymous said...

"It Ain't Snowing In Memphis"

Looking out the window.
Feeling cold inside.
It ain't snowing in Memphis.

Chilling to the bone.
Baby by my side.
It ain't snowing in Memphis.

How I wish I were in Memphis.
Walking down Beale St.
Sipping on a Coke.
Hearing BB sing the Blues.

Cause it ain't snowing in Memphis.
Cause it ain't snowing in Memphis.

by: Lamar Cole